All about the walkabout

Hello, I am matt

A guy, his camera, big heart, love for Jesus, travel and adventure, finding God in lost places.

All about the walkabout

All-out Walkabout is more than just a travel blog — it’s my attempt to share and evangelize the love of traveling to whoever stumbles upon this site. It’s a humble tribute to the cultures that I’ve had the privilege to immerse in. It’s how I hold myself accountable to the goal of responsible and immersive travel.

I hope that this site inspires you to live the best version of your life — one that is healthy, adventurous, rich, and most certainly not mediocre.


In 2018, I grew tired of living in mediocrity; never leaving the borders of the city I was living in to explore. I had become complacent, living the “American dream”. I decided to explore the world around me, and beyond the United States.

All-out Walkabout was created as a travel blog that would keep me accountable to one goal: to live my life full of adventures.

The name came about from the concept of a walkabout — a term which originates from the Australian Aboriginal society, where young men embark on journeys that can last up to a few months long as a rite of passage.

I had spent my time in Australia backpacking, and did my version of a walkabout. It was one of those defining moments that fueled my confidence in traveling on my own, and my wanderlust. I also wanted to convey that my efforts to travel would be all-out, nothing short of maximum effort.

— Matt

About matt

I'm the guy on the right...

Lived in six different countries by the time I was 18.

Speak English / Mandarin / Thai fluently and can probably stumble my way through Cantonese / Taiwanese if I really tried hard.

I pack light and fit all my needs contained in a 65L backpack. I do like gadgets though, so that tends to weigh me down if I’m not careful.

My favorite cocktail is gin and tonic. Though my inner pirate wouldn’t mind drinking most rum drinks, yarrr.

I work as a cyber security engineer for my day job, and moonlight as a first responder three days a week.

I’m terrible at dancing, unless it’s something foolish looking, then I’m great at it.

I absolutely love camping and going on spontaneous adventures and will not hesitate to grab my go-bag and leave on a trip.

There’s not many photographs of me because I’m an avid (very amateur) photographer and am generally the one snapping photos.

I love playing the guitar and trying to sing. Sometimes I write music too. And I’m always looking for someone to harmonize with.

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