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Street art in Reno, the biggest little city

After living in Reno for a little over a year, I’ve noticed a slow grow of street art in Reno. The city is paying someone to paint new murals on parking garages, and street corners… and I like it! Walking around midtown and downtown Reno, I can’t help but notice the various murals, painted electrical boxes

Be a responsible world traveler

When pitched along the idea of traveling — which should invoke images of being carefree, fun, and spontaneous, responsibility seems like such a vulgar word. It certain brings thoughts of stress, rigidity and rules. But responsible travel is not stressful if done right. Au contraire, traveling responsibly leads a more authentic, and in many cases

All about the walkabout and its humble beginning

Hello, Internet! As I’m sitting in my gorgeous Airbnb in the beautiful city of Portland writing this, I’m flooded with excitement. I’ve always had a knack for writing since I was a young lad. Writing is a creative outlet for me, on top of being a way for me to organize my thoughts. Naturally the thought